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  1. I cannot find any information of it is possible to hike or stay in any of the huts in December. Any help would be appreciated if this is known. I understand that there will likely be snow. If hiking is not possible can I still stay somewhere to visit this national park. Thanks.

    • Hello, some huts will operate (the ones with easy access, like Vihren, Yavorov, Bezbog – if the lift is working), mainly during the weekends. So the best is to contact them directly with exact dates.

  2. Hey

    my name is Eilon, I heve litel puestion:

    I have wonted to now if l need to inform the chalets in the pirin befor me end too another freinds come ? (for one night)
    I am going to be there in first week of august.

    thenk you, Eilon.

  3. Hello Lyuben,
    great blog! It has been very helpful.
    I will be arriving in Bulgaria in Early September and will love to see the Koncheto ridge. I am 30 years old and in decent shape, but with no special mountaineering skills. Is that a doable treck from Bansko/Vihren hut? If so, how long will it take if I don’t climb Vihren mountain on the same day? I’ve read that combining the two is possible but it seems that the trek to Vihren mt. alone is enough for me for one day so I’d like to split the two.

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