Snowshoeing Day Trips from Borovets

A more advanced option is to climb the top of Musala – please check our itinerary here: Winter Ascent of Mount Musala.


Musala area

4 – 5 hours; +450/-450 m

Musala area

This is the closest to Borovets option, we basically start snowshoeing from the top lift station of Borovets.

Frozen Lakes Of Musala & Musala Hut

We offer you a day above the tree line with views towards the highest peak of Rila and the Balkan peninsula – Musala (2925m). The route will include the frozen lakes of Musala and Musala Hut. Hiking time 4 – 5 hours; +450/-450 m. The tour is with moderate difficulty, suitable for beginners and families, but requires good equipment and fine weather conditions due to its relatively high altitude and exposure to the weather. A more advanced option is to climb the top of Musala – please check our itinerary here: Winter Ascent of Mount Musala.

Malyovitsa area : Option 1

Malyovitsa area

While Musala is the highest peak in Rila, Malyovitsa is considered as the most beautiful – which is valid not for the peak only, but for the whole area of Malyovitsa. Our main itinerary would be as follows: Short transfer – 50 minutes to the start point at 1760m .

Razdavitsa Ridge

A loop walk into the remote area of Razdavitsa Ridge.

Wild Boars Lake

We visit the isolated Wild Boars Lake, located at the foot of the highest peaks of the area – Kupenite, Lovnitsa.


Return to the car and transfer to Borovets. Walking time: 5-6h, +600/-600 m, suitable for beginners and people in average fitness.

Malyovitsa area :Option 2


But we also have snorter options for families, including the panoramic low mountain of Zekiritsa.

Beli Iskar Eco Trail

Malyovitsa Hut

Our advanced tour in the area is the ascent of Mount Malyovitsa.

The Rila Lakes

This region is considered as a must see place in Bulgaria. The distance from Borovets allows a day tour to the Rila Lakes on snowshoes. The options we may offer you are easy to moderate walks, suitable for families and beginners. Drive time is 1:15h each way. Then the trip starts with a chair lift ride up to 2140 m. 3-4 hours walk around the lakes. We start walking along the Dry Ridge until we reach the Kidney Lake. Further we descent near the Trefoil Lake, the Fish Lake, the old Seven Lakes Hut and above the Bottom Lake back to the starting point. Lift down to Pionerska Hut. In bad weather the lift might be shut down – then we have an option to snowshoe up to the biggest waterfall in Rila – Skakavitsa.

Sapareva Banya

Optional stop at the thermal pools of Sapareva Banya on the way back to Borovets.

Equipment Needed

hiking boots – waterproof and warm, to cover the ankle, with hard soles;
water/windproof jacket with hood
water and windproof trousers
warm hat
thin pair of gloves and a pair of warm mittens
thermal underwear
light down jacket or a warm fleece
sun cream
sun glasses
sun hat
water bottle or preferably flask – 1l
lunch pack

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