Snowshoeing in Bansko Area

Snowshoeing around Bansko – the town of Bansko is located in the foot of Pirin Mountains, in Southwestern Bulgaria – Blagoevgrad Province, and is famous mainly as a winter ski resort – actually the most modern in the country so far. But this is just a small part of what the area can offer. Located between the highest and most severe mountains in Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin mountains, Bansko is also very close to Rhodope Mountains and to the Mediterranean Seaside.


Break your own trail in the snow of Pirin Mountains...

Break your own trail in the snow of Pirin Mountains…


Most of visitors in winter come here to ski and the beautiful mountains around Bansko remain undisturbed for most of the season, except the ski zone. We offer another way to explore the area – on snow shoes – a great addition to your ski holiday.


Snow shoeing is the easiest, also one of the oldest and most enjoyable ways to discover the mountains in winter (the other way is ski touring). No previous experience or practice is needed, you just put on your snow shoes and start walking. However, choosing the right route in winter is not an easy task, as there is more details to consider, comparing to summer hiking – the avalanche risk, the weather and terrain traps, also finding the actual way is more tricky when everything is covered in white snow.


...and workout for your views!

…and workout for your views!


What do we offer? Day trips – breaks from the crowded ski runs and absolutely alternative way to see the area around Bansko – walking on snow shoes in the wilderness.


You can pick from a variety of routes – depending on your physical condition and willingness to walk, we can take you to 2-4-8 hours lasting walks. And, what is more important, we always consider the current snow conditions and are able to offer alternatives, i.e. to find the best snow and tracks for the moment. It is possible to explore both Pirin and Rila mountains, and even some remote parts of Rhodope Mountains close to Bansko. All the trips we offer are safe, and both fun and informative – you’ll learn about the area, the Pirin National Park, the wildlife around, etc. We also offer evening snowshoeing torchlight walks – walking in the forest under the stars and the bright moon…

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Or just find the best spot to enjoy the beauty of the severe mountains from a distance

Or just find the best spot to enjoy the beauty of the severe mountains from a distance


In terms of what to bring: you need is a sandwich for lunch, some snacks and bottle of water or flask. Your ski equipment is not always the most suitable, but still will do the job for a day of snowshoeing. Its better to have a few thin layers of clothes on (the top one water/wind proof), rather than one heavy and thick layer. Important is not to forget your sun glasses, sun cream and sun hat, also warm hat and gloves. Please, consider that without proper shoes the tours wont be enjoyable for you at least to say – as you’ll spend most of the day out on the snow. The snowshoes fit to almost any boots, but ski boots, trainers or casual shoes are not suitable. You need walking boots that will guarantee you protection from the wet and will keep your feet warm.

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If you have any additional questions or want to book a tour for a certain date, please use the button “Contact Us”. We usually respond to emails within a few hours – or you can give us a call or just text “snowshoeing” and we’ll call you back!


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