13 comments on “The Villages of Rhodopes

  1. i am in devine. and i understand that the simplest way for me to travel the rodopi mountains will be with a guide. how can i find one?

  2. Hello Lyuben
    i am planning to do four days track like you describe here. where can i get a map with the paths marked in them?
    what is the weather in the end of may?
    thank you

  3. Hello Lyuben,
    we are planning to do a two-day trek from Shiroka Luka to Mugla (first day) and Mugla – Trigrad (second day), following a red-marked hiking trail. We will take it on the 20th of March or so.
    What weather conditions can we expect there at this time? Will be there a deep snow or rather icy paths? Any advice on walking equipment? (crampons, nordic walking sticks, etc.)
    Is it necessary to book accommodation in Mugla in advance or can we come “in blind” and stay over in locals’ house?
    Thank you.

    Cheers, Jan

    • A lot of snow in the area now and will probably remain until your dates, even in the lower parts. The trails are difficult to find in snowy conditions, especially Shiroka Luka-Gela,so better take a ride up to Gela. Crampons not needed, snowshoes will be very helpful. In Mugla there is only one lady that will accommodate you now during winter – Veselina Guest House.

  4. We are planning to do this rout soon, but some Bulgarian Warned us that the people in Mugla are not so hospitable. Should it concern us?

  5. Darryl Anderson on Apr 2, 2017 9:03 am | Reply

    Hello, would this trek be suitable to do in mid-April? How is the weather then? My friend and I might be interested in doing this April 10-14th.

    • Hello, would say some of the walks are quite long to carry a small kid, may offer you another itinerary with shorter options. Would you write to me via the contact form?


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