Rila, Pirin and Olympus Mountains

We offer a 9-day trekking adventure to the highest mountains in Bulgaria and Greece – Rila, Pirin and Olympus mountains. We’ll climb the challenging peaks of Vihren (2914 m, Pirin Mountains) and Mytikas (2917 m, Olympus Mountains), enjoy the area of Belmeken Dam in Rila and see some of the cultural sights of both countries like Dion Archeological Park in Greece and Rila Monastery in Bulgaria.


We follow only tourist trails with some scrambling sections at Olympus Mountains. We’ll do up 7-8 hours walks with up to 1000-1100 meters ascent in some days. No technical difficulty and no special equipment is needed. Minimum previous hiking experience is required, but a very good physical condition and lack of aerophobia is a must to enjoy the walks.



  • The second and third highest peaks on the Balkans
  • Rila National Park, Pirin National Park and Olympus National Park
  • The unique culture, nature and everyday life of two countries – Bulgaria and Greece

Itinerary: Rila, Pirin and Olympus Trekking Program


Possible extensions:

  • The highest peak on the Balkans – Mount Musala in Rila Mountains
  • Tymfi Mountains in Northern Pindus, Meteora Monastery Complex, Greece
  • A day or two at the Greek seaside


Required equipment: hiking boots, rucksack (35-45 l), trekking poles, water and windproof jacket, rain cover, sun hat, sun lotion, sunglasses, water bottle (1 liter), torch, personal first aid kit.


Contact us for any questions and prices.

Mount Vihren in Pirin Mountains

Mount Vihren in Pirin Mountains

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i like organised a trekking in the Rila and Pirin or rhodopes national park. I arrive the 6th of may and leave the17th of may. Is it possible at this date or is there the snow again? or is it possible with special equipment?
thank you.
Patricia lazare


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