Skiing the Peaks of Rila

A three day ski touring program in Rila Mountains – the highest mountain range not only in Bulgaria, but also on the Balkans.

We expect from you to be in a good physical condition, to be familiar with the parallel curves in different snow conditions – powder, slush, crust, firm snow, to have the required equipment and obtain a valid insurance for the duration of the trip. Best period: January-April.


Skiing down the Nameless Peak next to Malyovitsa

Skiing down the Nameless Peak next to Malyovitsa



Day 1: Sofia – Malyovitsa area

1,5 hours drive will take us from the capital Sofia to Malyovitsa, a valley in the northwestern parts of Rila Mountains, popular climbing and ski touring area. We’ll skin up at 1760 up to 1940 to reach Malyovitsa Hut, our overnight accommodation. We have a couple of options for the rest of the day: to climb The Camel Peaк or Popova Kapa Peak. Or, as an alternative and warm up for the next days, to do a half day of off piste skiing using the couple of  Malyovitsa ski zone lifts and to do some training with the avalanche equipment.


Day 2: Malyovitsa Peak

We start from the hut and climb the beautiful Malyovitsa Peak (+800), then descent down to the valley. Our second climb for the day might be the Nameless Peak which also has good slopes to ski down. Drive to the village of Govedartsi (20 min) and accommodation in a family hotel.


Day 3: Musala Peak – Sofia

Short drive today will take us to the ski resort of Borovets, located in the food of Mount Musala (2925 m), the highest on the Balkans. We take the gondola lift up to 2400 and further climb for 3 hours in order to reach the peak. We’ll ski all the way down to 1300 and than drive back to Sofia (1,5 hours).


Ascending Mount Musala, the top of the Balkans (2925 m)

Ascending Mount Musala, the top of the Balkans (2925 m)


Required equipment:

*Touring skis; ski touring bindings with ski/walk mode and brakes or straps; climbing skins; ski crampons; poles; AT ski boots – with rubber sole and ski/walk mode.

*Personal Rescue Equipment – beacon, shovel, probe.

Rucksack 35-45l, water and wind proof pants and jacket with hood, 2 pairs of gloves – a tiny ones for touring and ski gloves, sun glasses, sun block, sun hat, warm hat, ski goggles, travel liner for the hut, water bottle or flask (1l), snacks, personal first aid kit.

*It is possible to rent all of the above from Sofia, please contact us.