MTB Day Trip Pirin Mountains

A day mountain bike trip in Pirin Mountains above the town of Bansko. The program is designed for those who want to enjoy the great panoramas of this alpine range, to visit the National park and to enjoy some great descents along the northern slopes of Pirin with little uphill.


The church of Obidim Village

The church of Obidim Village



  • The stunning views from the rolling hills of ObidimVillage
  • Pirin National Park with its severe panoramas
  • Some great descents with little effort on the way up


Difficulty level: we grade this route as Difficult because of the descents which require basic experience in downhill biking. The total ascent for that day is about 400 m, we’ll descent more than 1500 and about 37 km in total for about 8 hours.

The best period for this route is late April to November.



We start our journey with a 45 min long transfer to the village of Obidim – a small settlement located at 1200 m on the slopes of Pirin Mountains. This sleepy village is located at 1200 m above the sea and is famous with its great views towards the surrounding mountain ranges – Pirin, Rila, Rhodopes and even the Greek mountain of Falakro. A pleasant ascent takes us near some small chapels and through the hills in the foot of Kremenski Peak towards Gotse Delchev Hut. This is the most panoramic section of the today trip.


A small chapel in the foot of Kremenski Peak

A small chapel in the foot of Bezbog area


Next to the hut is the bottom lift station of the chair lift that goes up to Bezbog area. We quickly get up to 2240 m, in the heart of Pirin Mountains and Pirin National Park. The views here are completely different – we’ll see the glacial Bezbog Lake and the nearby Bezbog Peak – the little brother of the other steep, rocky, jagged peaks of the area, which form the high alpine part of Pirin – a terrain great for the eagles and the wild goats, but not for biking:)


Pirin National Park - Bezbog Lake in June

Pirin National Park – Bezbog Lake in June


Our way is down, we’ve got a great long descent, following nice dirt roads and some single tracks until we reach a small artificial dam in the surroundings of Bansko. Luckily, someone opened a restaurant next to the dam and saved many bikers from the sufferings of the hunger and dehydration.


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