Rhodope Mountains

Rhodope Mountains

Overview on the largest mountain region of Bulgaria.

Vultures and Legends in Madzarovo

The area around Madzarovo in Eastern Rhodopes – a great wildlife sanctuary.

Slivodolsko Padalo Waterfall

The biggest waterfall in Rhodope Mountains, located near Bachkovo Monastery.

The Magical Village of Gela

The famous Gela village in the foot of the highest ridge of the Rhodopes.

Pamporovo Ski Resort

Pamporovo – the biggest ski resort in the Rhodopes.

Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery – the second biggest in Bulgaria.

The Village of Kovatchevitsa

The village of Kovachevitsa in the Western Rhodope Mountains.


The archaeological site of Perpericon – Eastern Rhodopes.

The Village of Shiroka Luka

The village of Shiroka Luka – Western Rhodopes.

Trigrad Gorge and Devil’s Throat Cave

Trigrad Gorge and Devil`s Throat Cave in Western Rhodopes.

The Wonderful Bridges

The Miraculous Bridges – a nature sight in Western Rhodopes.

Belintash Rock Formation

The rock formations of Belintash and Karadzov Kamuk near Assenovgrad.